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Benefit more from your foreign-currency savings

If you need to have USD on hand, make sure to keep your money in an account that provides additional benefits, convenience and ease when conducting transactions. Mandiri Tabungan Valas is the reliable choice to meet all your needs.



  • No commission or exchange rate for depositsof USD 100 banknotes in good physical condition
  • No commission or exchange rate for cash withdrawals of up to USD 20,000 per month 
  • Easy transfers in foreign currency to various countries around the world
  • Competitive foreign-exchange rates
  • Attractive interest rate


  • Cash / non-cash withdrawals can be made at all Bank Mandiri branches in Indonesia*
  • Cash / non-cash deposits can be made in in Rupiah, USD or other currencies
  • Withdrawals can be made in Rupiah, USD or other currencies (subject to availability)


Non-financial transactions available 24/7, including information on your balance / transaction history, interest rates,etc., through Mandiri ATMs, Mandiri SMS, Mandiri Online and Mandiri Call.


Terms and Conditions

  • Individual customer
  • Available for Joint Account-OR (an account in the name of 2 people)
  • Valid proof of identity
    • For Indonesian citizen: Identity Card (KTP) / Kartu Masyarakat Indonesia di Luar Negeri (KMILN) and NPWP(Tax Identification Number)**
    • For non-Indonesians: Passport, KIMS / KITAS / KITAP and NPWP (Tax Identification Number)**
  • Initial deposit and minimum balance
Currency Initial Deposit Minimum Balance
USD USD 100 USD 100
SGD SGD 200 SGD 200
JPY JPY 10.000 JPY 10.000
EUR EUR 100 EUR 100
CHF CHF 100 CHF 100
GBP GBP 100 GBP 100
AUD AUD 100 AUD 100
HKD HKD 500 HKD 500
  • Monthly administration fee applicable
  • Below minimum balance fee applicable


*Other terms and conditions apply

**For customers who are required to have a NPWP and already have a NPWP