Agen Bank Mandiri

Bank Mandiri Agent

Bank Mandiri Agent is the third party who cooperates with Bank Mandiri in providing banking and financial services for the society (Laku Pandai Services and Digital Financial Services)

A. Feature and Services of the Bank Mandiri Agent

  1. Laku Pandai Services
    • Open Mandiri SiMakmur Account
    • Cash Deposits to Savings Account
    • Cash Withdrawal from Savings
  2. Digital Financial Services
    • Mandiri e-Cash Registration
    • Mandiri e-Cash Cash In
    • Mandiri e-Cash Cash Out
  3. Services
    • Transfer (Bank Mandiri inter-account and to other banks)
    • Purchase
      • PLN Token
      • Cellphone Top-up Voucher
    • Payment
      • PLN
      • Credit Card
      • Loan
      • BPJS Kesehatan & BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
      • Train / Airplane Tickets
      • Cellphone Voucher
      • others

B. Requirements to become a Bank Mandiri Agent

  • Documents
    1. Must be an Indonesian citizen (WNI) and live in Indonesia
    2. An entrepreneur for at least 2 year (with copy of Business Domicile Statement/ SKU/SKDU) or permanent employees
    3. Copy of Tax ID Number (NPWP)and Residential Card (KTP)
    4. Copy/original document of your saving account
  • Application
    1. Complete the application form as Bank Mandiri Agent
    2. Submit the documents and the application to the nearest Bank Mandiri office.


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