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Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance is the principles applied by the company to maximize the value of the company, improve the performance and contribution of the company, as well as maintaining the company's long-term sustainability.

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Governance Aspects

Governance Structure

The Structure and infrastructure of GCG consisting of Organizational Structure, Composition of Directors and Board of Commissioners, and others.

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Governance Process

The process of applying GCG principles through the implementation of GCG practice and Information Disclosure.

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Governance Outcome

The outcome of the implementation of GCG principles as outlined in the GCG report and assessment, as well as the awards received.

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Letter To CEO


Mandiri Whistleblowing System - Letter to CEO

Means to submit reports of complaints of disciplinary offenses, namely fraud or indications of fraud, non fraud, and / or other violations that could harm Customers or Bank Mandiri, to the CEO of Bank Mandiri