Mandiri SMS

Mandiri SMS

...whatever your SIM Card is, enjoy the choices of transaction: Type SMS or Select Menu

Now, banking transaction is getting easier. Mandiri SMS is a banking service you can use to do banking transactions through SMS on your cellular phone.

Banking Transaction, Any Time, Any Where

Various Benefits That You Can Get:

Easy and Flexible

Type SMS or Select Menu. By typing the transaction code required, the answer will be received in SMS or transaction can be done with SIM Micobrowser Mobile Banking selecting menu from the phone cell *).

More Efficient

Transaction cost will be charged as much as SMSs cost + Rp 500. The cost for notification via SMS is Rp 500.

Using any kind of SIM Cards

Whatever your SIM Card is, the banking transaction can be done. *)Transaction by selecting this menu can be enjoyed by the user of Telkomsel navigator . Life in Hand XL, Matrix and Indosat Mentari.