Import Products & Trust Receipt

Import Products & Trust Receipt


With Bank Mandiri Imports solution, you can secure your purchasing; as payment can be made once the goods arrive at the port, or if the documents are comply with the LC. In addition, For LC transactions, financing can be made since the opening of the LC until payment of the LC. Bank Mandiri can give facility that allows you to defer payments without having to lower your credibility in the Supplier's perspective.

Our Import Solutions are :

  • Import Documentary Collection
    Payment is made upon confirmation from you that the shipped item, as evidenced by the document, is match your requirement. It can also provide a sense of security to the overseas Supplier as payment will be received, once you give acceptance.
  • Import Letter of Credit
    Promise of payment issued by Bank Mandiri to overseas Supplier when they present documents in compliance with Letter of Credit issued. This will increase your credibility in the Supplier's perspective.
  • Deferred Payment Facility
    Bank Mandiri deferred payment facility allows you to cover the gap between your collection and payment schedule.
  • Shipping Guarantee
    Allow you to get the goods from the shipping company without presenting shipping document, based on the Warranty issued by Bank Mandiri. This can reduce the risk of damage to goods and high demurrage costs.

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