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About Us

Mandiri Priority is an exclusive service of Bank Mandiri especially for our prime customers. In addition to receiving exclusive services and the best facilities, you also get special attention for your financial growth. Priority Banking Officer and Relationship Manager priority always aligns financial growth with your portfolio and characteristics.

Mandiri Prioritas comes with 2 new cards:

  • Mandiri Debit Private Card

Segmentation of total managed funds of> = Rp 20 billion.

  • Mandiri Debit Priority Card

Segmentation of total managed funds of Rp 1 billion to Rp 20 billion.

Bank Mandiri Priority Services is aimed at our individual customer with certain condition in the form of savings, time deposits, current accounts, and Investment Products managed by Bank Mandiri

Core Value of Mandiri Prioritas Services

  • Professional Staff
  • High Quality Service
  • Privacy / Personalized
  • Prestige
  • Superior Product Offerring & Exclusive Programs

Vision and Mission Mandiri Prioritas Service


Priority Banking service that understands customer's needs so we can provide financial and non-financial satisfaction in accordance with the needs of its customers.


  1. Being a role model in providing services both internal and external circles.
  2. Creating customer loyalty to Bank Mandiri as the main bank in saving and transacting.
  3. Providing advisory facilities, from the financial side (directly as a personal financial planner), education to health, which can be relied upon with a diverse knowledge of investment products that are always up-date.
  4. Contributing significant profit to the company.

Membership Requirements

  1. Fund Under Management (FUM) with minimum balance of Rp 1 (one) Billion or equivalent. FUM is the total placement of client funds in Third Party Funds (DPK), savings products, deposits and / or time deposits and on Asset Under Management (AUM) ie on investment products (mutual funds, securities and / or bancassurance).
  2. Fill out and sign the Main Partner Form (FMU).
  3. Own Mandiri Tabungan or Mandiri Giro Rupiah Individual.