Financial Institution

Financial Institution

Mandiri USD Direct Settlement

A USD remittance service from Bank Mandiri to correspondent banks in Indonesia without using depository correspondent banks' service and vice versa.

Counter Guarantee

A Counter Guarantee facility issued by Bank Mandiri to secure Bank Guarantee issued by other banks on behalf of customer as a contract/project requirement.

Bank Guarantee based on Counter Guarantee

A Guarantee issued by Mandiri Bank on behalf of customer, secured by a Counter Guarantee in forms of BG or Standby L/C from other banks.

Mandiri Confirm LC/SKBDN

A facility to confirm LC/SKBDN issued by overseas and local correspondent banks, which have obtained commercial line from Bank Mandiri.

Mandiri Forfaiting

The purchase of exporters' receivables on a discount and without recourse basis, based on Bankers' Acceptance (B/A) issued by Correspondent Banks or Bank Mandiri.

Vostro Giro

A current account opening service in various currencies on behalf of local/ international banks and non-bank financial institutions.

Collection Letter

A settlement service on behalf of customer under collection basis in IDR currency or various currencies (hard currency). Collection provisions are based on the Uniform Rules for Collection (URC).

Cash Letter

A settlement service on behalf of customer under cash letter basis in various foreign currencies (hard currency). Cash Letter provisions are based on Uniform Rules for Collection (URC).

Mandiri Bilateral Trade Financing

Short term financing for domestic/ overseas correspondent banks, with or without assignment of Bankers' Acceptance (BA) from issuing bank, with providing a list of export/ import transactions.

Mandiri Export Credit Agency (ECA)

Long term import financing from correspondent banks (Lender) to Bank Mandiri based on supply contract between importer in Indonesia and Exporter in Lender's country or other countries approved by Lender.

Mandiri UPAS Financing

Financing Facility for domestic/overseas correspondent banks based on L/C UPAS/ SKBDN UPAS (Usance Payable at Sight).

Mandiri Risk Participation

Selling or buying asset transactions between Bank Mandiri and domestic/ overseas correspondent banks which have fulfilled the applied acceptance criteria.

Intraday Facility

A bridging facility for securities company which is used for settlement of capital market transaction and must be paid within the same day.

Overnight Facility

An overdraft facility for securities company and must be paid on the next day or can be extended up to 3 (three) working days.

Cash Collateral Credit

A credit facility (cash loan) (cash loan) in IDR or foreign currency for securities company, using time deposits issued by Bank Mandiri as collateral.

Short Term Loan (KJP)

A credit facility in IDR or USD currency to fulfill short term working capital needs of customer.