Special Privileges Details

Special Privileges

  1. 1. Welcoming Pack

    The welcoming pack gifts are our special way to newly joined Customers for becoming Priority or Private customers.


    2. Birthday Gift

    Special appreciation on your special day.


    3. Safe Deposit Box

    Medium-sized free SDB facilities are provided to the Priority and Private customers as long as the customer becomes a Mandiri Prioritas member and box available.


    4. E-Consolidated Statement

    The facility is an individual report containing the position of customer's balance on all Third Party Fund (DPK), Asset Under Management (AUM), Consumer Loan and Credit Card products once monthly to customer e-mail.


    5. Internship 2nd Generation Customer

    Bank Mandiri Group's learning opportunity program is provided to 2nd Generation Priority & Private Customers over a period of time, where program materials are focused on business related materials in Wealth Management (in this case treasury & investment).