Success Story 1

Yasa Singgih's Success Story

Yasa Paramita Singgih, or Yasa Singgih as he is familiarly known, started his business career at the tender age of 15, when he was in the final year of middle school. He never thought he would become a full-time entrepreneur. In reality, it was his father’s chronic heart condition and the fact that he required an expensive operation that first motivated Yasa Singgih to take the plunge into business so as to earn extra money.

He raised the initial capital for his business by acting as MC at various events, such as birthday parties. He had previously established a decorative-lighting business but it only survived for a few months. He then tried his hand at the garment business (printed shirts), but once again was unsuccessful. So, he started buying shirts at the Tanah Abang textile market which he then resold. This business turned out to be quite profitable and allowed him to raise the capital needed to set up a coffee shop named ‘Ini The Kopi.’ Unfortunately, however, this business lose hundreds of millions of rupiah  and so he opted to take a short break from his entrepreneurial efforts to focus on the National Exams.

After finishing high school, he once again heard the call of business. This time, he decided to focus on what he already had experience of, namely, men's fashion such as apparel, shoes, belts, bags and pants. Armed with a solid brand, ‘Men's Republic,’ the business grew rapidly in collaboration with a shoe producer in Bandung. He soon had his own office and had started recruiting employees.

Yasa Singgih came first in the Mandiri National Young Entrepreneur Awards for the Creative Student Category in 2015. He has also received many other awards and recognitions, such as the Marketeers Youth of the Year 2016 award, The Youngest Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in Retail & E-commerce Category 2016, and first place in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Asia Pacific. He shared his experiences, strategies and values in building a business in his book titled ‘Never to Young to Become a Billionaire.