Banking Mediation

Referring to Bank Indonesia Regulation No 8/5/PBI/2006 dated January 30, 2006 and Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 8/14/DPNP dated June 1, 2006, we are informing you that Bank Indonesia provides banking mediator function in a simple, affordable, and quick mediation to settle dispute between the customer and the bank, if the complaint that customer file with the bank doesn’t render satisfactory settlement.

Submission of dispute settlement may be presented by the customer or its representative to Bank Indonesia with the following requirements:

  1. In order to be processed, the dispute must be a civil dispute aroused from financial transactions.
  2. Eligible dispute to be submitted is the dispute aroused from the settlement of customer complaints made by the Bank.
  3. Customer may not file a financial claim caused by immaterial loss. Immaterial loss among other are any loss caused by aspersion and offensive materials.
  4. The amount of financial claim submitted must be in Rupiah currency with maximum amount of Rp. 500.000.000,00 (five hundred million Rupiah). The amount may be an aggregate amount of financial loss suffered by the customers, potential loss caused by delay or failure to make financial transaction with other parties, or other expenses to spend by the customer to settle the dispute.
  5. The time limit for submission is 60 (sixty) working days) at the latest, commencing the date of bank’s settlement letter to customers complained
  6. Customer to submit the dispute settlement request to banking mediation institution in writing, using the attached form or customer’s own form accompanied by supporting documents, i.e.:
    1. Copy of complaint settlement letter provided by the bank to the customer.
    2. Copy of customer’s valid identification proof.
    3. A statement letter signed on sufficient seal stating that the Dispute is not being processed or has already been ruled by an arbitration institution, court, or other mediation institution and has never been processed in banking mediation facilitated by Bank Indonesia.
    4. Copy of other supporting documents related to the Dispute being submitted
    5. Copy of Letter of Attorney, if the submission of dispute settlement is delegated to other party.
  7. Completed form and its supporting documents will be sent to :
    Bank Indonesia
    Menara Radius Prawiro lantai 20
    Jalan MH Thamrin No. 2
    Jakarta 10350
    • Carbon copied to local Bank Mandiri branch.
    • To obtain dispute settlement form: Click here!

Further Information

For further information, please contact Mandiri Call at 14000 or +62-21-5299 7777. Or click here to contact our Customer Service Representatives.

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