Forgot User ID & PIN of Mandiri Internet

Dearest Mandiri Internet users,

In order to ensure your account security, the USER ID and PIN of Mandiri Internet is confidential to you only. Even Bank Mandiri could not look at the your USER ID and PIN. Therefore, when you happen to forgot your USER ID and PIN, you should request for a user deletion from the Mandiri Internet member list, and re-register.

The processes are as follow:

  1. You are subjected to send the request via the Contact Us form, stated your account number, and the branch that you were once applied the Mandiri Internet account (the request could also be done via Mandiri Call or from the nearest Bank Mandiri branch.)
  2. Based on the recieved request, Bank Mandiri will do the user deletion from the Mandiri Internet member list.
  3. Bank Mandiri will then send a request to do the re-registration on Mandiri ATM or the nearest Bank Mandiri branch, 2 working days after the request send date (H+2).
  4. After you did the re-registration, you will have to do the account activation from
  5. You should be able to do the login like you used to.

note : For those who already has the Mandiri Token PIN, you could use it directly.

Click here to apply via the Contact Us form

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For further information, please contact Mandiri Call at 14000 or +62-21-5299 7777. Or click here to contact our Customer Service Representatives.