Mandiri Tabungan Investor

Mandiri Tabungan Investor

Easier Investment Transactions with Mandiri Tabungan Investor

As an investor, you certainly need Bank products and support that provide quick, easy, practical, and profitable services. Collaborate with more than 80 securities firms, Bank Mandiri presents Mandiri Tabungan Investor which provides all the convenience and comfort in your investment.

Product Features MTI :

  • Currency Account is the Rupiah and or foreign currency determined from time to time by the Bank.
  • Without a saving book.
  • Not provided with Mandiri Debit Card (ATM card).
  • Given internet banking facility, but not given token. Transactions are limited to non-financial transactions (inquiry).
  • Given SMS banking facility, but limited to non-financial transaction (SMSINQ status).
  • No initial deposit.
  • Not subject to minimum balance limits and no minimum balance penalties.
  • No administrative fees and closing account fees.
  • No transweep facility is provided.
  • Excluded from the provisions on passive accounts.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Copy of Identity Card and NPWP.
  • Has a SID and Sub Securities Account in KSEI.
  • Fill out and sign the application form for opening of account, general account opening conditions, and special terms & conditions of MTI account and power of attorney to Securities Company and signature sample card in accordance with administrative requirements of MTI Account Opening.
  • Submit a power of attorney to the Securities Company for and on behalf of the customer.
  • The Customer shall notify the Bank in the event of any change of Power of Attorney.
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