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Scam Mode in ATM

Beware of ATM Fraud

  • A fraud with lottery winning as the method of operation. It is as if the customer has won a lottery then notified by a Short Message Service (SMS). To receive the reward, customer has to transfer certain amount of money through ATM to certain account mentioned by the fraud perpetrator. Customers are usually aware after the transfer and the promised reward never came.
  • Pretends to help when customer encountered difficulty as they inserted the ATM card or ATM card jammed in the card reader. The perpetrator then asked the customer to input their ATM PIN to try the transaction once more. When the attempt failed, the customer was asked to contact the Bank’s Call Center through the perpetrator’s cell phone (the phone receiver was his ally instead of Call Center). When the customer left the ATM location in relieve, thinking that his card was blocked, the ATM card was taken by the perpetrator and used to withdraw the customer’s balance.

Tips & Solution for Mandiri Bank Customers:

  • Do not give your ATM card to anyone else.
  • Do not share your ATM card’s PIN number to anyone else, through phone or to anyone claiming themselves to be police officer or Bank officer.
  • Do not write your PIN on the ATM card or anywhere you keep your ATM card.
  • Change your PIN number periodically.
  • When you enter your PIN number at the ATM, make sure no one is watching or don’t let (don’t give any chance) anyone see your PIN during entry, use your body to cover.
  • If you lost your ATM card or something happens to your card during transaction at the ATM, such as jammed or stuck, block the card immediately by Contacting Call Mandiri at 14000 or (021) 5299-7777 by yourself, or Contact the nearest Mandiri Bank Branch Office.
  • Be cautious on strangers suddenly offering help when you do transaction at Mandiri ATM.
  • Do not lured easily by reward offer notified by certain party, through phone or SMS, asking customer to transfer certain amount of money through ATM to certain account number.
  • Do not count your money at ATM vicinity or revealing your wallet/money overtly.
  • If you feel like you’re being followed after conducting transaction at the ATM, find a safe place, i.e. crowded place/lots of activity.
  • Do not go to the ATM if you hesitate or afraid because you see/there is someone or something suspicious at the ATM area, or the light at the ATM area doesn’t work/dark.

Cari Informasi

For further information, please contact Mandiri Call at 14000 or +62-21-5299 7777. Or click here to contact our Customer Service Representatives.