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For those who tried the benefit of SMS Banking Mandiri services, did you ever have any difficulties using the services and felt unsave with the securiry aspects of SMS Banking Mandiri? The following are the tips how to use easy and secure ways of SMS Banking Mandiri:

1. Don’t forget to ask the leaflet or SMS Banking Mandiri user guide to our Customer Service in branch where ever you are. The smallty leaflet makes you easier to keep in your wallet.

2. If you forgot the SMS Banking Mandiri command format while you are triying to use it and SMS Banking Mandiri user guide (leaflet) is not available as well, type the indication “?” on your cellular phone SMS menu and send it to 3355. Accordingly Bank Mandiri will send you back from 3355 containing SMS Banking Mandiri command format.

3. If your cellular phone already supported by template features on your SMS menu, then you can use it to save the SMS Banking Mandiri command format like “SAL 1 3254xx” etc.

4. Please be sure the origin of your SMS is from 3355. Because Bank Mandiri only utilize that number for SMS Banking Mandiri services. So, don’t believe with the fake SMS that frequently act on behalf of Bank Mandiri.

5. When you do the transfer transaction and get the reply message TRANSAKSI BERHASIL, you can save the No. Ref. of the transaction. No.Ref can be used as an evidence that the transaction was done succesfully.

6. Delete Sent Item on your cellular phone SMS menu after you send SMS succesfully to 3355, specifically balance inquiry and transfer command where your 6 digits PIN inside.

7. Keep safe your ID (KTP, Paspor), account owner documents (buku Tabungan or ATMandiri), and your own cellular phone as well. Without 3 items of these and your presence in the branch, nobody can break into your money through SMS Banking Mandiri services.

8. Nevertheless if your cellular phone was lost and alarm to your privacy, then you can temporarely blockade or delete SMS Banking Mandiri services.

9. When you sent transfer command to 3355 but after 1 minute there is no reply message from 3355 Bank Mandiri, due to avert double transfer never do it again untill you check the transaction status to Call Mandiri at (021) 5299 7777.

Please enjoy the SMS Banking Mandiri services.
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