Mandiri Boosts Quality of Life with New Water Facilities in Pasuruan

News Release - Jum'at, 6 Juli, 2012

Pasuruan, 06 July 2012 – Bank Mandiri has official inaugurated a new water treatment installation, which was built at a cost of Rp 466 million in Environmental Development Funds, will help improve the quality of life of residents of Gambiran hamlet, Gambiran village, Prigen District, Pasuruan Regency. The facility was symbolically officiated by Bank Mandiri Director of Commercial & Business Banking Sunarso, witnessed by Pasuruan Regent Dade Angga, members of the Pasuruan Regency Muspida, and local community figures in Pasuruan on Friday (6/7).

The installation is now supplying clean water to some 300 families, 1 mosque, 5 prayer houses, and 1 elementary school in Gambiran hamlet. This means that the 1,437 people of the hamlet now enjoy a clean water supply all year round, including during the dry season.
Bank Mandiri Director of Commercial & Business Banking Sunarso said that the assistance was a concrete manifestation of Bank Mandiri’s concern and its commitment to improving people’s health and wellbeing in communities all around the country.
“Bank Mandiri’s Environmental Development Program provides assistance on a sustainable basis. This assistance provides added value for communities, particularly those that are categorized as economically disadvantaged,” Sunarso said.

Sunarso explained that the new facility did not use a pump, but rather relied on gravity, meaning that it could be used over the long term at minimal cost. “This installation provides water at a rate of 5.2 liters per second, and can supply all the clean water needs of this hamlet, which extends to some 472,500 m2 in area,” he said.

Sunarso said that Bank Mandiri based its CSR Environmental Development Program on three pillars, with the first being the creation of self-reliant communities through the Mandiri Bersama Mandiri (Self Reliant with Mandiri) Program, which involves the integrated mentoring of community groups and communities in the areas of capacity, infrastructure, capability and access.

The second pillar, Sunarso said, is self-reliance in education and entrepreneurship, which is promoted through the Wirausaha Muda Mandiri (Mandiri Young Entrepreneur) Program and the Mandiri Peduli Pendidikan (Mandiri Cares for Education) Program, both of which are designed to help mold future leaders who are capable of facing the challenges of global competition head on.

The final pillar is the delivery of environmentally friendly facilities through so as to create a pleasing and comfortable environment.
Through these three pillars, Sunarso said, Bank Mandiri wants to play an active role in supporting the creation of an Indonesia society that is resilient and capable of bringing this country in a better direction.
“Through this assistance, we hope that people will gain better access to clean water,” Sunarso said.
Between January and May 2012, the Bank Mandiri Environmental Development Program extended assistance of Rp 35 billion to local communities for various purposes.