Bank Mandiri Opens New Regional Treasury Marketing Offices in Batam, Solo, Denpasar and Medan

News Release - Senin, 28 Mei, 2012

Jakarta, 28 May 2012 – Bank Mandiri has officially opened four new Regional Treasury Marketing (RTM) offices in Batam, Solo, Denpasar and Medan. The launch of the Batam, Solo and Denpasar RTMs brings the total number of RTM dealing rooms to 11.
Prior to this, Bank Mandiri already had an extensive network throughout Indonesia, made up of 8 RTM dealing rooms, 59 RTM cubicles, 21 RTM signage and 29 RTM sub offices.

Bank Mandiri has also added new Treasury Galleries in Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya to provide customers with the latest information on the treasury business and market conditions in general.
“We will continue to expand our forex transaction services and support technology through the development of the Mandiri e-FX system. Thanks to this system, the Bank Mandiri network can provide online dealing in a safe, speedy and accurate manner. Besides being available at most of our branch offices, Mandiri e-FX will also be available at every Treasury Gallery,” explained Royke Tumilaar, Bank Mandiri’s Director of Treasury, Financial Institutions & Special Asset Management.

It is expected that the new facility will help increase the volume of foreign exchange and securities transactions, which in turn will help Bank Mandiri achieve its overall fee-based income (FBI) and net interest income (NII) targets, while at the same time strengthening the bank’s market share.
“We are optimistic that our FBI and NII in 2012 will be better than last year. This is already apparent from the increase that is taking place in the volume and frequency of forex and securities transactions,” Royke said.
The backbone of the bank’s business in this respect consists of foreign exchange and securities transactions, while contributions are also provided by hedging products (forward, swap, FX option, interest rate swap and cross currency swap transactions), investment products (corporate and US Treasury bonds), and customized products (other treasury products that are tailor-made to customer requirements).

“Thanks to our wide variety of treasury services and products, we are optimistic that we will be able to provide maximum added value to all of our treasury customers,” explained Royke.

From the start of 2012 up to 31 March, Bank Mandiri earned Rp 8.77 trillion in interest income, representing a 13.27% increase over the same period last year. Meanwhile, operating income in the first three months was up 25.51% at Rp 3.68 trillion.
In 2011, Bank Mandiri’s treasury operations recorded fee-based income and net interest income of Rp 1.73 trillion on a transaction volume of US$ 294.19 billion, representing a 35% increase over the previous year, when the equivalent figures were Rp 1.28 trillion and US$ 253 billion. The significantly improved performance came on the back of foreign exchange and securities transactions worth a combined total of Rp 1.22 trillion in 2011.

“This growth momentum needs to be maintained as part of our efforts to effectively maintain overall growth and liquidity management. We also expect our treasury business to grow by more than 12% in 2012, and to help support the program to increase forex receipts from exports (DHE),” Royke said.

“We believe that with the increase in the number of our regional offices, we will be able to provide significantly better services to our customers, particularly in the treasury sector. The increase will also bring us closer to our customers so as to enable us to respond more quickly and effectively to their needs,” he added.