Bank Mandiri Serve Plasa.Com Payment Transactions

News Release - Kamis, 3 November, 2011

Jakarta, November 3, 2011 - Bank Mandiri provides banking services for PT METRA-NET to facilitate payment transactions through e-commerce sites selling The MOU was signed by the Senior Vice President of Bank Mandiri Rico Usthavia Frans and Arry Basuseno, and also Chief Executive Officer of PT Iriana Muadh METRA-NET, which witnessed by the Director of Micro & Retail Banking Bank Mandiri, Budi G Sadikin and Director of IT, Solution & Supply PT Telkom Indonesian, Indra Utoyo.

Bank Mandiri will provide Internet payment gateway facilities for Through these facilities, people can purchases goods in without exit from the site. This facilities has been integrated with the electronic network of Bank Mandiri. manager can easily obtain the development of financial data in real time.

Micro & Retail Banking Director of Bank Mandiri, Budi G Sadikin said that this cooperation will support Metra-NET to drive business through "We hope Bank Mandiri internet payment gateway facility can encourage continuity of business to grow significantly," said Budi G Sadikin. is a e-commerce portal managed by PT METRA-NET, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. Portal is a pioneer in e-commerce business in Indonesia. Nowadays this portal will offer the most comprehensive online shopping ecosystem in Indonesia through its products :, Plasa Ticket and Plasa Trade Center.

Budi G Sadikin continue, this cooperation is also our efforts in realizing the desire to become a major player in the transactional banking in Indonesia. Moreover, the business potential of online trading is still very large considering Indonesia is a country which have a quite significant growing online market, from 22% in 2009 to 48% in 2010. Meanwhile, the online transaction by Internet users in Indonesia reached an average of 28 million transactions per year.

"From the total of Indonesia population that reached about 237 million people, a new Internet users reached 40 million people. This shows the potential business opportunities for trading through the Internet, "said Budi G Sadikin.

This cooperation also can increasing Bank Mandiri transactions through electronic networks. Until September 2011, the number of transactions through e-channels reached 261.5 million transaction or grew 35.5% over the same period in 2010. Of these, a total of 54.6 million e-transactions done through internet banking channel. The use of internet banking for transactions grow up to 92.7% compared to September 2010.

METRA-NET Chief Executive Officer, Iriana Muadh said that built to provide convenience to all customers to access and full-filled quality goods, so the barriers of time and distance can be minimized. "Cooperation with the Bank Mandiri is a commitment to always provide a safe and reliable transactions," he said.