Bank Mandiri Meets the Criteria as Anchor Bank

News Release - Kamis, 12 April, 2007

Press Release
CSC/PR.32/ 2007

Bank Mandiri Meets the Criteria as Anchor Bank
Net NPL decrease below 5% as March 31st, 2007

Jakarta, April 12, 2007 As March 31, 2007, Bank Mandiri succeeded to decrease Net NPL from 15% in March 2006 and 5,9% at the end of 2006, finally becoming 4.7% in 1st Quarter 2007. Provision to NPL Coverage was 46.9% in March 2006, 74.8% at the end of 2006 and finally reached 83.3% of March stance. The NPL decline was driven by the success of restructuring and full payment of debtors in 1st Quarter -2007. Some of them are Lativi Mediakarya, Kalimantan Energi Lestari and Batimurung Indah.

Bank Mandiri President Director, Agus Martowardojo said that the achievement of Net NPL 4,7% is in accordance to PBI No. 6/9/PBI/2004 and its amendments PBI No.7/38/PBI/2005, Bank Mandiri is no longer classified as intensive monitoring of Bank Indonesia. As Described in Indonesian Banking Landscape (API), Bank Mandiri meets the criteria of Good Performance Banking Criteria-Bank Kinerja Baik (BKB) and legible as one of the candidates to becoming Anchor Bank (a bank that plays centralized role of driving Indonesian Banking consolidation by actively initiate merging or acquisition)

At the same time, Bank Mandiri succeeded to improve the position in service excellence survey conducted by Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI). In 2004, Bank Mandiri position in No.11, and jumped into top ten in position No.3 in 2005. In 2006, Bank Mandiri succeeded the position of Second Best, above other State Owned Banks and Foreign Bank with operations in Indonesia. “The survey result proved that Bank Mandiri commitment of consolidation process to decrease NPL level in 2005 and 2006. Bank Mandiri keeps focusing on developing it business units and increase service excellence quality to all customers aggressively”, said Agus Martowardojo

About Bank Mandiri (Position as 31st, 2007)
Bank Mandiri employs 21.379 employees, 924 branches and 6 overseas branches/ representatives/ subsidiaries. Distribution network of Bank Mandiri equipped with 2.800 ATM, 10.500 ATM of LINK and ATM Bersama Network, and electronic channels including Internet Banking, SMS Banking and Call Center 14000

Further Informations:
Christiana M. Damanik
Head of Corporate Communications
PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk
Jln. Gatot Subroto Kav 36-38 Tel : (021) 52913112
Jakarta 12190
Telp 021-52913112 Fax 021-5268246
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Corporate Secretary
PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk
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