Managing Director of PT Mandiri Sekuritas,Abiprayadi Riyanto

Bank Mandiri In The News - Jum'at, 27 Juni, 2003

Mandiri Sekuritas projects that its Corporate Mutual Fund worth Rp3 trillion can be absorbed by insurance and pension funds this year because this invesment has good income and is relatively safe.Managing Director of PT Mandiri Securitas,Abiprayadi Riyanto said that the goverment bond based mutual fund is a possible investment for pension fund managers and insurance companies with extra funds. He said that the company is targeting Rp3 trillion of its mutual funds in 2003 absorbed by pension fund managers and insurance companies,while the total sale of mutual funds will hopefully reach Rp20 trillion. "This mutual fund is designed to bahave like deposits with a 99% goverment bond composition,making the investment risk low," the Vice President Division Head Corporate Secretary explained that the product is specifically for corporate customers with a minimum purchase of Rp1 billion,while the total managed fund up to now has reached Rp219 billion.