About Us

Bank Mandiri was formed on 2 October 1998, as part of the Government of Indonesia’s bank restructuring program. In July 1999, four state-owned banks–Bank Bumi Daya, Bank Dagang Negara, Bank Exim and Bapindo–were amalgamated into Bank Mandiri. Each of our four legacy banks played an integral role in the development of the Indonesian economy. Today, Bank Mandiri continues this tradition of more than 140 years of delivering expertise in banking and financial services throughout Indonesia.

Immediately following the merger, Bank Mandiri embarked on a comprehensive process of consolidation. Most visibly, we closed 194 overlapping branches and reduced our combined workforce from 26,600 to 17,620. Our single brand was rolled out throughout our network and across all of our advertising and promotional activities. One of Bank Mandiri’s most significant achievements has been the complete replacement of our technology platform. We inherited a total of nine different core banking systems from our four legacy banks. After an initial investment to immediately consolidate our systems around the strongest inherited platform, we undertook a three-year, US$200 million, program to replace our core banking platform with one specifically geared toward consumer banking. Today, Bank Mandiri’s IT infrastructure provides straight-through processing and a unified interface for customers.

Our corporate customer base still represents the core of the Indonesia economy. By sector, it is well diversified and particularly active in food and beverage manufacturing, agriculture, construction, chemicals and textiles. Credit approvals and monitoring are subject to a highly structured ‘four eyes’ approval process, in which credit approval decisions are separated from the marketing activities of our business units.

From its founding, Bank Mandiri has worked to create a strong, professional management team operating under internationally recognized principles of corporate governance, control and compliance. The Bank is supervised by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise from respected members of the financial community. The highest level of executive management is the Board of Directors, headed by a President Director. Our Board of Directors includes bankers drawn from the legacy banks as well as independent outside directors. In addition, Bank Mandiri maintains independent Offices of Compliances, Audit and the Corporate Secretary, and is under regular scrutiny from external auditors representing Bank Indonesia and the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), as well as international auditing firms. AsiaMoney magazine had recognized our commitment toward GCG principles by awarding Corporate Governance Award for category Best Overall for Corporate Governance in Indonesia and Best for Disclosure and Transparency

With assets that have grown to more than Rp 319 trillion today, and more than 21 thousand employees spread among 956 domestic branch offices and 6 overseas branches and representatives Bank Mandiri has committed to delivering excellence in banking services and to provide wide-ranging financial solutions in investment and sharia’ products as well as bancassurance for our private and state-owned corporate, commercial, small business and micro customers in addition to our consumer clients. This commitment had been recognized through the top ranking in Banking Service Excellence Award 2007 of Infobank magazine.

Dengan aset yang terus bertumbuh sampai dengan diatas Rp 319 triliun, dan lebih dari 21 ribu karyawan yang tersebar pada 1000 kantor dalam negeri dan 6 kantor dan perwakilan luar negeri Bank Mandiri bertekad untuk memberikan keprimaan dalam layanan perbankan dan memberikan solusi keuangan yang sangat luas dalam investasi dan produk syariah, serta bancassurance untuk nasabah korporat, komersial, small business dan micro business selain nasabah individual kami. Tekad kami tersebut telah diakui dan dihargai sebagai peringkat pertama dalam Banking Service Excellence Award 2007 oleh Majalah Infobank.

The distribution network of Bank Mandiri includes 3,186 ATMs, 7,051 ATMs in the LINK Network and 12,663 ATM Bersama Networks, and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) about 25,254 throughout Indonesia. Bank Mandiri has 8.3 million ATM cardholders and 3.2 million SMS Banking user, 783,356 internet banking users and 822,937 Call Mandiri users and more than 1 million Visa Credit Card holders.