With the development of your business, often it takes more than one bank and/or financing agency together to fulfill your enormous financial needs. With our professional staff on Syndication, you will be entrusted to receive large loan with low interest, without direct relationship to more banks and other financing agencies, only with Mandiri Bank who will also helps you to optimize the loan you received.


Mandiri Bank as the Arranger will help you to organize the syndicated loan processing from several banks to help financing your business or projects.

There are two types of Syndicated Loan, which are:

  1. Pure Syndication
    Syndicated loan by two or more banks stipulated in an agreement applicable to all creditors. The agreement documents are administrated by the Agent.
    To organized Syndicated Loan process between banks and/or financing agency in order to fund a big scale project that may not be available in a single bank.
    • Provide an access to a larger pool of funding
    • Easy and simple administration procedure.
    • Increasing the track record.
    • Increasing credibility.
  2. Club Deal
    A multilateral loan facility for a specific project based on a bilateral agreement between the Debtors with each creditor.
    As an alternative for debtor when one of the creditors has a limitation in providing or escalating loan facility in terms of funding scale, Maximum Limit of Credit (BMPK) or risk assumption.
    • Debtor has an opportunity to receive funding on his project.
    • Intensive negotiation between debtor and each creditor.
    • Maintaining business relationship.
    • Overcoming Maximum Limit of Credit (BMPK) issue without losing customers.
    • Each creditor has the authority to make a decision according to the bilateral agreement with debtor.
    • Risk mitigation.


Mandiri Bank as an agency is a mediator/focal points between the debtors with creditors also as an arranger of the syndicated loan for the time period of the syndicated loan. After signing the syndicated loan agreement, the agent will carry on his duty until the syndicated loan is paid. Overall, an agent helps all parties to ensure that all parties engage in the syndicated loan receive their rights and responsibilities.

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