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Internet Banking Mandiri is SAFE from Keylogger

Have you heard a term of ‘keylogger’? Keylogger is an application or software which can lock the keyboard button using certain logger program in order to memorize or record any word or letter typed on the screen.

It can automatically record and read password that we type although there is only ******** seen in the password box.

The record then can directly saved in to the computer and sent to the data user through the internet. It can be passed on e-mail, irc or even on direct observation in real time through the web.

How does keylogger works?

Keylogger can record every key button pushed by the internet user and keep it in certain place which later will be taken. Technically, keylogger records and reads each character entered into the computer except for [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [ Del] buttons.

Internet Banking Mandiri is safe from Keylogger

As a Bank Mandiri customer, it is no need to worry about this cyber crime since the internet Banking Mandiri is equipped with the PIN Mandiri token feature. Thanks to this feature, your account is safe and impossible to be misused although the information you gave had been detected by the keylogger. The PIN Mandiri token is there to create PIN which always changing (dynamic PIN) every time customer make a financial transaction. Therefore, if someone else identifies your PIN, he won’t be able to conduct transaction using the same PIN.

Guidelines for safe internet banking
  • Activate your PIN Mandiri Token
  • Ensure that your computer is safe and reliable
  • It is better for you not to access the internet banking from public places such as the internet rental kiosk, offices which has linked computer network or by using other people’s computer. Use your own personal computer since you are the only one who has access to the computer.
  • Should you find or feel an oddity while making transaction using the internet banking don’t hesitate to contact our Call Center Mandiri at 14000 or email us at:


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