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Alert on Typo Site

Internet banking is surely easing up our life since it gives you free access in banking transaction anywhere and anytime you like. You don’t even have to get up from your own chair. But of course there are times when we have to be extra cautious since the internet banking sometimes become the soft target of cyber crime.

Cyber crime is definitely a phenomenon which should have been our main concern since it is quite different and unique. Unlike any other crimes, cyber crime has no territorial boundaries and it does not require direct interaction between the perpetrator and the victim. That’s why the victim is occasionally unaware of what had happened.

One of the types of cyber crime is typo site. The procedure is quite unique and often hard to recognize. In typo site, the perpetrator creates a website which has nearly similar name like other official site. For example, an official site is accessible in http: // , then to trick the internet user, they would create another site using It resembles to each other, isn’t it?

Typo site is easily created in domains such as .com, .NET, .ORG and several other domains. Each person can name their sites using any names as long as it is not owned by other party.

The owner of similar domain can also publish a site which has nearly similar look or features to the real one. Therefore, anyone accessing the site would never realize that they are accessing the wrong site.

Website of an official bank is commonly squandered using typo site. The purpose is none other than to detect our user ID, password and other personal data which then will be used for illegal transaction.

How to prevent typo site?

There are several guidelines we can use:

  • Always do a spell check on each site and make sure you type the site’s address correctly before accessing the site. Common mistakes in spelling is when you type the letter “small L (l)” which is similar to “capital I (I)”, or number FIVE (5) which is similar to “capital S (S).
  • An internet banking site, is generally equipped with a certificate as an additional protection. Therefore, once had any doubt on the validity, you can click View Certificate for further detail of the certificate and to ensure whether the company’s site you access is reliable. If a message warning appears on the screen as you access the internet banking, it is better to quit or to re-check the site address that you type.
  • Should you access an internet banking site from a certain link, please have it check one more time whether the link is taking you to right server. Be aware on misstype or letter diversion.


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