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Ethics in Internet Banking

In using internet banking, there are ethics to be considered for having a safe and comfortable transaction. Here are ethics on which you should be informed of:

  1. User ID and PIN should always be confidential. Therefore, make sure that you are the only person who knows and recognizes the PIN. Not even officials from the Customer Care Bank Mandiri.
  2. Make sure that you had click the Log-out icon after you finish using the internet banking or when you are about to leave your computer even for just awhile. By doing this, you will be protected from the possibility of other people misusing the website or the internet on which you had finished since they may access your information account.
  3. Never, not even once, to give your detailed personal information in forms found on the website as you are about to join an on-line quiz game.
  4. It is not recommended to use WiFi (in hot spot area) in doing transaction by internet banking since a wireless network is not guaranty secured.
  5. Protect your computer from viruses and other hazardous program(s). Ensure you are applying the latest anti-virus program in your computer.
  6. Check your account along with the transaction you had made regularly. It is to confirm you that there are no illegal transactions in your account. Moreover, you also need to record when the last time you logged-in to the internet banking was.
  7. Should you find troubles in making transaction using the internet banking, contact Call Center Mandiri at 14000 or dial 021-52997777 or e-mail:


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