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Your Transaction is Safe with Token PIN Mandiri

You now can take away the insecurity feeling while using Internet Banking Mandiri since it is equipped with layered security system to assure the confidentiality of your data transactions. All transactions done by the internet banking is also protected more safely with the existance of Token PIN Mandiri.

What is Token PIN Mandiri?

Token PIN Mandiri is an additional security device to make financial transaction in the Internet Banking Mandiri. Token PIN Mandiri is intended to publish dynamic password (Dynamic PIN) which is a changeable PIN and can only be used one time for each financial transaction. The Dynamic PIN (also named as PIN Mandiri) is used as a transaction verification every time the bank customer made the transaction using the Internet Banking Mandiri.

To log-in to the Internet Banking Mandiri system, customer can only use the User ID and the PIN Internet Banking (Static PIN) which created when a consumer is applying as a user. The shape of the Token PIN is similar to a calculator measuring about 3x5 cm.

What are the advantages of Token PIN Mandiri?

Using the Token PIN Mandiri is definitely an advantage since PIN always changing in every transaction, made it difficult to track by others.

Moreover, the Token PIN is unique for each bank customer and also not applicable for other customer. The interesting part is, this little item is provided in 11 different colors so you can pick your own favorite colors.

Interested in Having the Token PIN Mandiri?

Those who are interested:

  • Should posses one or more bank account or clearing account in rupiah or in other currencies.
  • Should have been registered at the Internet Banking Mandiri.
  • Should have completed the requirement and ownership rules forms of Token PIN Mandiri.
  • The token can be obtained at all Bank Mandiri branches.
  • Should have activated the Token PIN Mandiri from the administration menu in the Internet Banking Mandiri matched to the electronically canal being used.

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