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How to keep PIN confidential

The Personal Identification Number or PIN is a secret code given by Bank Mandiri to its customers so that they will have privileges in making transactions. PIN is the main security key in transaction, especially for e-banking. The bank will identify its customers through the User ID and PIN Internet Banking Mandiri. If the submitted User ID and PIN Internet Banking Mandiri do not match, the customer’s data will not then be verified. Consequently, the log-in process will not be completed. On the contrary, log-in can only be successful if the submitted User ID and PIN Internet Banking Mandiri is correct, regardless its account belongs to the owner or not. Therefore, it is very important for customers to protect their identity. If someone else had known the PIN then it is possible the account is being used by other people to make illegal access.

Be informed that the User ID and PIN can not be duplicated by any system. Moreover, the combination of User ID and PIN are distinctive for each customer. User ID is an alphanumeric series consist of six to 10 characters while PIN is a numeric series with six digits of numbers. Therefore, it is difficult for people to estimate the combination.

Several tips to secure your PIN
  • Never use the same PIN for financial or non financial activities from the website such as e-mails, on-line shopping and other on-line services.
  • Never create PIN which repeated from the User ID.
  • Never create PIN which can easily predicted or guessed by others such as phone numbers, date of birth, plate numbers or other personal data. It is better for you to create a unique and meaningless PIN. The more disordered the number, more secure it is.
  • Never use ordered numbers as PIN, suchh as 123456 or a repeated number, like 111111.
  • Never inform your PIN to anyone, not even your close relatives or bank’s employee.
  • Never write your PIN on a piece of paper or in a place where others can see it (i.e agenda or calendar). Never save PIN in a disk, hard drive or mobile phone. It is best to memorize them.
  • If you are using the Internet Banking service, make sure that you log on to the right website before submitting User ID and PIN. Convince yourself that the web address you click is the And by the time you click the Log-in field address button, it should appear
  • All data in Internet Banking Mandiri are sent through the protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL 28 byte encryption), an international standard of confidential data transfer.
  • Change your PIN regularly using the PIN changing icon at the administration menu.
  • Change your PIN immediately if you think the PIN had been widely known

Should you have submitted incorrect PIN for three times in a row, the system will automatically block your access. To re-activate it, call the Call Mandiri at 14000 or dial (021) 5299-7777 by e-mail to or go the nearest Bank Mandiri.


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