Mandiri Priority Service

Mandiri Prioritas is an exclusive service specifically designed for prime customers of Bank Mandiri. With us, not only you will experience undivided service and amenities, but we also pay special attention to customers’ financial growth. To support your financial growth, Our Priority Banking Officers will help to align the portfolio and customer’s risk appetite to achieve desired financial goal.

Starting January 1st, 2013, Mandiri Prioritas proudly presents 3 new cards, and they are:

    Segmented to total fund under management of 1 billion to 3 billion Rupiah
    Segmented to total fund under management of 3 billion to 20 billion Rupiah
    Segmented to minimum total fund under management of 20 billion Rupiah


Here are the new and improved benefits of Mandiri Prioritas:

  • Free Annual Fee for Mandiri Platinum Credit Card
    You will be entitled for free annual credit card fee of Mandiri platinum credit card throughout your membership as Mandiri Prioritas. The same facility will be given to additional card holder(s) with a maximum of 3 (three) cards. Terms and conditions applied.
  • Safe Deposit Box
    To ensure the safety of your valuables assets, we present you the facility of a Safe Deposit Box free of charge. With double-safety system made of fire-resistant steel iron our Safe Deposit Box will protect your important documents and other precious objects.
  • Lifestyle Magazines *
    You can enjoy 2 (two) of your selected lifestyle magazines given every month.
  • Priority Magazine
    You will also received our in-house priority magazine, containing about investment opportunities, market updates, references to art, profiles, products, etc.
  • Souvenirs (welcoming pack)
    Enjoy our welcoming gifts for new members of Mandiri Prioritas, containing the book of our product & benefit, souvenirs, Mandiri Prioritas membership cards, and many more.
  • Birthday Gift
    This is a token of appreciation from Mandiri Prioritas to our loyal customers on their birthdays.
  • Executive Lounge
    An exclusive airport lounge facility provided in some airports both domestic and international departures. Currently there are 33 (thirty three) executive lounges across Indonesia. Terms and conditions applied.
    • 1 (one) person for MANDIRI PRIORITAS GOLD CARD member
    • 2 (two) persons for MANDIRI PRIORITAS PLATINUM CARD member
    • 4 (four) persons for MANDIRI PRIORITAS PRIVATE CARD member
  • Airport Handling
    This service encompassing:
    • Help on Fiscal tax payments
    • Help on Airport tax payments
    • Help on Check-in service and baggage handling
    Airport handling facility is currently available in Jakarta (International), Surabaya and Denpasar (Domestic). Terms and conditions applied.
    Airport handling benefit is provided according to segments:
    • 1 (one) person for MANDIRI PRIORITAS GOLD CARD member
    • 2 (two) persons for MANDIRI PRIORITAS PLATINUM CARD member
    • 4 (four) persons for MANDIRI PRIORITAS PRIVATE CARD member
  • Airport Baggage Wrapping
    Free baggage-wrapping facility with conditions:
    • 1 (one) luggage for MANDIRI PRIORITAS PLATINUM CARD member
    • 2 (two) luggages for MANDIRI PRIORITAS PRIVATE CARD member
  • Golf Clinic & Golf Privilege Card *
    A golf membership card, issued by third-party partner to obtain special privileges, which include free golf clinic (by reservation) and discounts at several golf courses in and outside the country. In addition, you will also receive free subscription of GolfAsia magazine throughout the year.
  • Medical Second Opinion*
    An oral or written opinion of medical experts from all over the world about diseases diagnosis and treatment planning based on data and information provided. For this facility we are partnering with Nucleus.
  • Lifestyle Concierge **
    When customers want to combine a hobby with a desire to achieve perfection, Mandiri Priority is making it happen through the Global Lifestyle Concierge Assistance. Powered facility referral and reservation assistance, customer will get access to a variety of exclusive facilities and world-class services. For this facility Mandiri Priority is in collaboration with SOS International.
  • Market Update in Short Message Service (SMS)
    Facility of Short Message Service to customer, which includes information on Foreign Exchange Rate, Stocks, Index, and also Global and International economic preview. Terms and conditions applied.
    • Weekly SMS for MANDIRI PRIORITAS GOLD CARD member.
  • Meeting Room
    Facility such as meeting room at Mandiri Priority Outlets can be used by customers to conduct meetings, meet with business partners, or any other purposes. Please contact our Priority Banking Officer to set up schedule.
  • Consolidated Statement
    You will receive monthly summary of your portfolio every month to include all third-party product funds (savings account, current account, time deposit) and Asset Under Management (mutual funds, bancassurance and bonds).
  • Merchant Discounts
    Enjoy special discounts for Mandiri Prioritas debit card holder on our various merchants includes hotel, restaurants/café, boutiques, etc.
  • Exclusive Events **
    We present you variety of exciting and exclusive events such as classical music concerts, painting exhibitions, sports tournament, traveling, etc., to fulfill your elegant lifestyle.
  • The Choice of Benefits
    Customers can choose one of these benefits to fit your needs such as prepaid card, checkbook/BG, merchants’ vouchers, magazines, etc.
  • Relationship Manager * / Priority Banking Officer (dedicated)
    We provide you with certified Priority Banking Officer specifically dedicated to serving customers personally.
Note :
* ) This benefit is given only to clients with MANDIRI PRIORITAS PRIVATE CARD
**) This benefit is given only to clients with MANDIRI PRIORITAS PLATINUM CARD and MANDIRI PRIORITAS PRIVATE CARD

Physical facilities:

Mandiri Prioritas