Mandiri Loan Plus

Working Capital Credit (WCC) facility which can only be withdrawn and paid once during its validity.


  1. Can provide lower interest rate and higher giro account interest rate.
  2. Provide flexibility for customers in managing their funds


  1. Period: Maximum of 1 (one) year and extendable.
  2. Nature of Credit: Non-Revolving, withdrawal shall be done at the beginning of credit facility, and settlement shall be done at the end of facility’s validity.
  3. Financing: 70 % of permanent capital need.
  4. Credit Interest Rate: up to 0.5% (IDR) or 0.3% (USD) lower than counter rate.
  5. Giro account service: can provide an additional 0.5% (IDR) from giro account counter service.
  6. Collateral: according to prevailing stipulations.

More Information

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