Mandiri Fixed Loan

A short term Working Capital Credit which withdrawal is using a media like Customer Acknowledgement Receipt or Promissory Note from the customer and transferred to the customerís current account. Withdrawal frequency is limited up to 5 times a month and payment done in accordance to the withdrawal media type.


  1. Withdrawal and Payment according to customized schedule
  2. Lower creditís interest rate


  1. Term: 1 (one) year max, can be extended
  2. Credit Line: Revolving
  3. Credit Currency: IDR and USD
  4. Withdrawal: 5 times maximum per month, using Customer Acknowledgement Receipt (CAR) or Promissory Note (1, 2, or 3 months period)
  5. Payment:For withdrawal with CAR, payment done at creditís facility due date. For withdrawal with Promissory Note, payment done at the promised due date
  6. Early Repayment: Approved with 7 days notice
  7. Collateral: According to the general provision
  8. Credit Rate: Lower credit rate than working capital creditís current account, with credit utility requirement 80% of the limit.

More Information

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