Mandiri KPR Flexible

Mandiri KPR Flexible is a Mandiri KPR facility that allows you to purchase a house, shophouse, combined house and office or an apartment with flexible repayments from a flexible (revolving) account on an agreed portion of the overall loan for a certain period to ease Your cash-flow.

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To Whom Does Mandiri KPR Flexible Program Aimed at?

Mandiri KPR Flexible is aimed at customers who have an income of at least Rp 9 million per month in Greater Jakarta or Rp 7.5 million per month outside Greater Jakarta.

As part of the Mandiri KPR Flexible, you will be provided with two loan accounts:

  • An installment account (for principal + interest payments), which constitutes of between 60% and 80% of the loan amount; and
  • A flexible, revolving account (for payment of interest only), which constitutes of between 20% and 40% of the loan amount

You, the customer, make the decision as to the portion allocated to each account based on Your own needs.

What are the Advantages of Mandiri KPR Flexible ?

  1. Eases Your cash-flow as you can opt to pay for the interest only on the flexible (revolving) account for an agreed period of time (maximum of five years or half of the loan's term, whicever is the shortest)
  2. You can arrange the size of the interest payments to be made by reducing your debit balance in line with your capacity
  3. There are no limits on the size of a revolving account debit balance reduction which means that you have flexibility in fulfilling your obligations to the Bank each month up to a maximum of five years
  4. There are no penalties for reducing the flexible account debit balance during the revolving period
  5. You benefit from flexibility in accessing your funds as the money in the revolving account can be withdrawn from time to time as required
  6. Minimum loan of Rp 250 million in Jabodetabek and Rp 200 million outside Jabodetabek, and maximum credit ceiling of Rp 5 million

Like to know more ?

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