Standby Letter of Credit (Standby L/C)

Standby Letter of Credit (Standby L/C) is an irrevocable undertaking from Issuing Bank to support payment, when due or after default, of obligations based on money loaned or advance, or upon the occurrence or non occurence of another contingency. Standby LC, therefore, can be functioned as a Guarantee or an LC where the Beneficiary can receive payment from the bank on presentation of compliance documents.

Our Advantage

Our expert Staff in the field of SBLC can assist you in structuring SBLC which can protect your interests as well as Beneficiary’s needs. If you are the Beneficiary of SBLC, we can assist you in reviewing the terms & conditions of SBLC. Aside from that, we can also conduct a claim to the Issuing Bank on your behalf.

Benefits :

  • Boosting your company image
  • Structured to suit your business needs.
  • SWIFT compliance,
  • Subject to international rules; International Standby Practices 1998 (ISP 98) or Uniform Customs for Documentary Credit (UCP) 600

More Information

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Standby L/C