Open Account Financing

Open Account Financing is a short term financing by Bank Mandiri on your invoice to overseas Buyer while allowing credit terms to Buyer, . This Non LC financing is intended to minimize the effect of credit payments on your business.

Bank Mandiri will provide a line based on “approved buyer list”. The Bank, then will provide an advance payment on the Document against Transfer (TT), Document against Acceptance (D/A) or Document against Payment (D/P) from your Buyer, with Recourse. This is an ideal way to make your Cash Flow runs smoother.

Benefits :

  • Improve Cash Flow which ultimately can improve your control on your business.
  • Increase your competitiveness by providing a flexible method of payment without disrupting your cash flow.

More Information

For further information regarding our products, please contact Call Mandiri at 14000. Or click here to contact our Corporate Banking office

Open Account Financing