Cash Collateral

Credit facility granted with collateral in the forms of cash deposit, time deposit, and/or savings in rupiah or foreign currency issued by Bank Mandiri.


  1. Can be withdrawn at anytime.
  2. The unused portion is not subject to interest.
  3. Settlement at the due date of the credit.


  1. Period: Maximum of 1 (one) year and extendable
  2. Credit Limit: Maximum of 90% of the guarantee nominal for Cash Loan
  3. Currency: Rupiah or Foreign Currency
    Foreign Currency Facility and Collateral:
    • IDR (IDR, USD & SGD collaterals)
    • USD (USD, IDR collateral)
    • SGD (SGD collateral)
    • EUR (EUR collateral)

More Information

For further information regarding our products, please contact Call Mandiri at 14000, or click here to contact our Corporate Banking Center.