Current Account


  • With Bank Mandiri Cheque and Giro, your business transaction will become easier to manage.
  • Opening an account, encashing or transfering Bank Mandiri cheque and Giro can be done in all Bank Mandiri branches.

Convenience in Transaction

The support of Bank Mandiri branch offices all over Indonesia give you ample freedom to conduct bank transaction that you want. Whereever you are, your daily banking activities continue as usual.


Choices of Currency

  • There is a selection of several currencies : Rupiah, USD, SGD, EUR, AUD, GBP, DEM, JPY, HKD, CHF dan FFR.

No Transfer Fee

  • Enjoy transfer facility to other accounts in Bank Mandiri without any cost.

Progressive and Competitive Giro Services

With a progressive and competitive system whereby interest is computed daily, you have a chance to get a bigger giro service benefit. The bigger your account balance, the more giro service that you will get.

More Information

For further information regarding our products, please contact Call Mandiri at 14000, or click here to contact our Corporate Banking office.