Mandiri Virtual Account

Mandiri Virtual Account is an identification number generated by bank on behalf of company given from the company to the end user (individual and non individual) to help acknowledge payment information (amount and identity) of the payer.


  1. Flexibility access for Company / Biller / Institution to use all Bank Mandiri channels
  2. Flexibility for user to pay in all Bank Mandiri channels
  3. Quick to implement
  4. Speed up collection for company
  5. Accurate reconciliation
  6. Unnecessary for Customer to have Bank Mandiri account
  7. Real time balance update


  1. Virtual Account is used for payer identification
  2. Virtual Account will be shown on Company / Biller bank statement
  3. Payment can be processed through all Bank Mandiri channels and from other Banks (CN, RTGS & SWIFT)
  4. Multiple currency (IDR & USD)


  1. Transaction
    Wide variety option for customer to pay:
    1. Through Bank Mandiri branches and e-channel
    2. Other banks (CN, RTGS & SWIFT)
  2. Instruments
    1. Cash, Cheque and Bilyet Giro Bank Mandiri
    2. Incoming transfer from other banks


Mandiri Virtual Account

Terms & Pricing

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Mandiri Virtual Account