Mandiri Notional Pooling

Notional Pooling is a mechanism of netting off the balance, by currency, of multiple accounts of participating companies (or branches of a company), so that the Bank will have a consolidated position of the company or Holding/Group, for the purpose of calculating interest based on the net balance. It will also facilitate inter-company borrowing without physical movement of funds.

In order to enable the Bank to settle the balance, it may require an agreement to be signed by participating companies (stipulating a crossed guarantee between participants).


  • Technically simple to implement
  • Each participating company retains autonomy over its bank accounts
  • No inter-company loans appear in the accounts
  • Facilitate inter-company borrowing
  • Interest revenue calculation based on consolidated balance
  • Ensuring availability of fund for operational process


  • Real-time consolidated balance
  • Overdraft limit possible
  • Same currency only
  • Redistribution of interest / charges set by Holding/Group

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Mandiri Notional Polling