Terms of Service

Because your time is so precious

Mandiri Call is a 24-hour automatic banking service via phone or cell phone, which makes you closer to your account and makes it easier for you to manage your finance without space and time barriers. Doing the banking transaction is as easy as you dial the phone.

How to Get Mandiri Call facilities?

Visit your nearest Mandiri ATM (anywhere, all over Indonesia). Insert your Mandiri Debit Card and type your PIN, select “e-banking Registration” menu. Then, follow the instructions on the ATM screen, for:

  • First time Mandiri Call Registration
  • Transfer Destination Account Registration
  • Bill Payment Registration
  • Voucher Purchase Registration

How to use Mandiri Call services?

Contact Mandiri Call at 14000 or (021) 5299-7777 by phone, cell phone or fax machine. The answering machine will greet you, and offer language options. You don’t need to press anything if you select services in Indonesian or press 1 if you want to skip the greeting. The answering machine will offer service type options.