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Because Your Time Is So Precious

Mandiri Call is a 24-hour automatic banking service via phone or cell phone, which makes you closer to your account and makes it easier for you to manage your finance without space and time barriers. Doing the banking transaction is as easy as you dial the phone.

With Mandiri Call you can perform:

  • Transfer between Bank Mandiri accounts
  • Bills Payment:
    • Electricity (PLN),
    • Water Utility (PAM)
    • Phone/Cellular Phone
    • Credit Card
    • Airline/Train Ticket
    • Advertisement,
    • Internet,
    • Cable TV,
    • Land and Building Tax,
    • Education,
    • Insurance
  • Voucher refill purchase
  • IDR deposit opening
  • Balance and 10 last transactions information
  • Information on interest rate, exchange rate, loan account, loan application, and products

Banking products and services of Bank Mandiri
Facsimile service

Quick Press Facility

We provide “Quick Press” Facility for you who have been familiar with Mandiri Call and want to perform a quick transaction. Please perform direct intervention by pressing number successively when the answering machine is greeting you.