Terms and Conditions of Mandiri Mobile


  1. Mandiri mobile is e-banking service with purpose to have financial and non-financial transactions using the clearer menu in which the application must be downloaded first using the cellular phone/tablet computer or those using 3G/GPRS/WIFI technologies.
  2. Bank is PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk having its registered domicile and its head office in Jakarta.
  3. 3G/GPRS/WIFI technologies is the sending and receiving technology of data package provided by network/cellular telecommunication provider.
  4. Client is a person/entity account holder of mandiri gyro, mandiri savings and mandiri business savings.                       
  5. Password is the identity or secret code owned and used by the Client to login the mandiri mobile application.
  6. PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the personal identification number used when doing the authorization of financial transaction in mandiri mobile.
  7. SMS notification service is a notice sent by Bank through SMS to the client’s mobile of mandiri sms concerning the specific service provided by Bank.
  8. Inbox is a feature of mandiri mobile that automatically saves the transaction proof of mandiri mobile accessible by administration menu.            

Terms of Mandiri Mobile Registration

  1. Having the account of mandiri gyro, mandiri savings and mandiri business savings.
  2. Having registered as the user of mandiri sms service.
  3. Mandiri mobile application service can be downloaded with the following procedure:
    • Registered by sms type “Reg Mobile” sent to 3355 (for the Blackberry and Android cell phone types).
    • Go to the site www.bankmandiri.co.id
    • Download service provided by Bank partner’s application such as application service provided by the cell phone producer or communication network pay service provider such as Blackberry App World, AppStore, Android Market.
  4. Having read and meet all Terms and Conditions of mandiri mobile.

Regulation of Mandiri Mobile Use

  1. Client may use the mandiri mobile service for acquiring information and performing the banking transaction as determined.
  2. Mandiri mobile service may be activated upon the Client enter the login password at the first using the mandiri mobile.
  3. Mandiri mobile services shall only use on 1 cellular phone number (MSISDN) that has been registered on the mandiri sms service and 1 serial number of cellular phone device (IMEI) for downloading the mandiri mobile application.
  4. In case of definite period the client not activate yet the mandiri mobile menu, thus the application shall automatically logout and return to the login menu.
  5. During the transaction the Client shall:
    • Confirm the completeness and correctness of the transaction data that put on. All consequences arise of the failure, incompleteness and or the mistaken of the Client shall be fully at Client’s cost.
    • Insert the Mandiri sms PIN in each transaction. All instruction that given by the Client through mandiri mobile service shall not be cancelled.  
  6. All order made by the Client under this Terms & Conditions shall be a valid proof, unless proven otherwise and the Bank has no obligation to examine such validity.
  7. Bank shall has entitled to not perform the Client’s order, in case of:
    • The balance in Client’s account is insufficient.
    • Any sign of criminal acts.
  8. All consequences arise as the misuse of mandiri mobile shall be the full responsibility of the Client and the Client shall release the Bank from any claim which may occur in any form and by any party.
  9. As the prove of the transaction performance, the Client shall be provided with the transaction number in every transaction by the SMS, as far as the inbox of client’s cellular phone is enable or no communication network disturbance. Transaction proof shall automatically sent to the Inbox menu in the mandiri mobile service.
  10. At its own consideration, the Bank has entitled to change the transaction limit. Such change shall bind the Client only with the notification under the prevailing terms and conditions.
  11. Mandiri mobile service cost shall consist of the internet cost as determined by the network/telecommunication service provider for cellular phone in each transaction made by the Client, including if such transaction is failed performed the Bank, and the transaction fee which is borne by the service provider.

Mandiri Mobile Password

  1. The Clients shall secure his/her own Password. Taking the foregoing the Client shall not be allowed to:
    •   Giving his/her Password to other person
    •   Storing the Password in cellular phone memory or other storage device which may be revealed by other person: the Client shall change periodically such Password.
  2. All consequences arise as the misuse of the Password shall be the full responsibility of the Client and the Client shall release the Bank from any claim which may occur in any form and by any party.
  3. In case of the Client enter the Password wrongly in 3 (three) times in row, thus the application will automatically blocked. In order to re-activate such application, the Client shall re-activate the mandiri mobile application.

Mandiri sms PIN

Mandiri sms PIN use is under the Terms and Conditions of mandiri sms.



Mandiri mobile Service access suspended

The mobile mandiri service shall be suspended by the Bank in case of:

  1. Any written request submitted by the Client.
  2. Any change of cellular phone number used by the Client and it has been informed to the Bank.
  3. Client closes all accounts which may be accessed by mandiri mobile service.
  4. It is required by the prevailing laws and regulation and or by virtue of the court stipulation.

In order to re-activate such Service, the Client shall contact the mandiri call 14000 or re-register in the nearest branch office and also re-download the mandiri mobile application


  • Transaction proof may be printed in Bank Statement or mandiri savings book.
  • Any issue related to the cellular phone number, GPRS/3G network, bill of GPRS/3G use, SMS cost and value added service of GPRS/3G, the Client shall contact directly to the related operator of network/communication service provider. For service issues, the Client may contact the mandiri call 14000.
  • Bank may change Terms and Conditions based on the needs. Such change shall bind the Client only with the notification under the prevailing terms and conditions in the Bank.
  • The Client shall comply with the prevailing provisions of the Bank including but not limited to the General Condition for Account Opening, Specific Condition for Gyro Account Opening, Specific Condition for Savings Account Opening or Special Condition for Business Savings Mandiri Account Opening.
  • Any power of attorney granted related to this service is a valid power of attorney which shall not be expired if the Client still utilize the mandiri mobile service or the Client has any other obligations to the Bank.  
  • The Client shall release the Bank from any claim, in case of any failure by the Bank to perform the order made by the Client either partly or whole due to any events or reasons beyond the Bank control such as the computer interference due to the virus, web browse, system or transmission malfunction, electrical disruption, telecommunication disturbance or government policy, and other events or reasons beyond the Bank control.



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