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My Security

Bank Mandiri always attempts to increase security for customers who are willing to conduct Internet banking services. It is our strong commitment to keep on secret all customers financial and personal information. In order to meet customers` expectation over guarantee to keep their personal information in secrecy, Mandiri Internet banking uses several systems :

  1. User ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number). These are the customers` secret codes. Authorization is fully given to the customers. To log in Mandiri Internet banking, customers are required to fill in user ID and PIN. To conduct financial transaction, customers will be once again asked their PIN for the need of verification. The system is aimed to avoid any chance of being misused by irresponsible people at the situation when the computer is abandoned and is still online.
  2. Automatic log out. Mandiri Internet banking would automatically log out if within 10 minutes there would be no activities.
  3. SSL 128-bit encryption. All data in the Mandiri Internet Banking are sent through protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a standard for security delivery system in the Internet. Protocol SSL would mess up delivered data and convert it into secret codes using 128-bit encryption.
  4. Firewall is a tool functioning to limit and ensure that only Bank Mandiri customers who are eligible to access Mandiri Internet banking system.

For your personal protection :

  • Make sure you type correct address: www.bankmandiri.co.id, correct day, date and hours. In order to avoid any mistake, you are suggested to add the site address into your Favorites menu (if you brows with Internet Explorer) or Bookmarks (if you brows with Netscape Communicator).
  • Make sure that the page you are about to open is belong to Bank Mandiri. You must find http://www.bankmandiri.co.id in your field address; then click the button of the login filed address, you would see https://ib.bankmandiri.co.id.
  • Make sure you see padlock sign at the bottom of the right corner. It is a sign to show that you are entering secured region. To be more assured that you log in to Mandiri Internet banking server, you can check it through Bank Mandiri`s Certificate Authority by simply click the padlock sign. If you do not see the padlock sign, it is highly recommended to immediately log out from the system. You must repeat the same steps to log in.
  • For your security, Bank Mandiri would send both your access ID and PIN, separately. Your access ID would be e-mailed to you, while your PIN mailer must be picked up at the branch where you are registered.
  • Make sure your computer is free from virus.

Tips to execute Internet banking transaction :

  • Do not let other people know your User ID and PIN. Do not even tell your User ID and PIN to Bank Mandiri staffs, customer cares or other Bank Mandiri officers
  • If you feel that someone else might know your PIN number, immediately change your ID and report it to Bank Mandiri customer care officers
  • Do not leave your computer when it is still log on. Make sure you log out before you leave your computer
  • Do not create PIN based on numbers of: date of birth, home phone number, vehicle license number, or other information that people would easily remember or connote
  • Do not create PIN with numbers that put in order, such as 123456
  • Do not make PIN based on repeated numbers, such as : 111111
  • Do not write down PIN at places where people could easily find such as: agenda or calendar
  • Do not make PIN that is similar to User ID
  • Read thoroughly instruction before fill in your PIN
  • Write down transaction number you just executed
  • If you mistakenly entered your PIN three times in a row, the system would automatically block your access. To activate the access, you must contact Call Mandiri (021) 5299-7777 or e-mail it to customer.care@bankmandiri.co.id, Customer Care would ask you several questions for the need of authentication.
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