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SMS Banking Mandiri
Whatever your sim card enjoy the way you do:
Type SMS or Select Menu

With SMS Banking Mandiri you could pleasantly enjoy your banking transaction such as fund transfer, monthly bill payment, purchasing and any other banking transactions, just as easy as you type your daily SMS and send it to 3355 or using simply menu M-B_Mandiri inside your sim card at satelindo@access and Life in Hand/Layanan Data XL or T-Sel menu at sim card of naviGator Telkomsel.

Benefits of the service :

  • Easy and Flexible: Type SMS or Select Menu . Just simply type the command format required, you will get SMS reply promptly or transaction can be done using sim tool kit (STK) menu inside the your card.
  • More Eficient . Transaction cost is only : SMS + Rp500 for transation and Rp500 for SMS alert.
  • Available to all SIM Cards . Whatever your SIM Card, all banking transactions can be easily done.
  • Available to all cellphones . Can be performed at any types of handphone with SMS capability.
  • Secure . If you prefer type SMS you should register the destination account before transaction perform and for select menu STK we use 3DES encription.

Features :

  • Fund Transfer
    • Intra bank transfer
    • Inter bank transfer (NEW)
    • Transfer with Message (NEW)
    • Foreign currency fund transfer
  • Open Time Deposit (NEW)
    • Open IDR and USD time deposit with 1 and 3 months tenor. Inquiry all your existing time deposits and cancel automatic rollover time deposit.
  • Balance inquriy
    • Inquiry Mandiri saving account, loan and foreign currency account.
  • Information
    • Bill inquiry Mandiri Visa credit card
    • 5 last transactions
    • Deposit interest rate, saving and foreign currency rate
  • Payment and Purchase
    • Bill payment Mandiri Visa, PLN, Garuda ticket, Telkom, kartuHALO, Matrix, Xplor, Telkom, Fren, Esia, Iklan Kompas, Dealer XL Kita, tuition fee of Amikom Yogya, Bina Sarana Informatika, AXA Mandiri, OTO MultiArtha, IndosatNET, CBN, Kabelvision, Indovision and StarONE postpaid. Purchase all air line ticket thru Travel Agent, PBB, PAM, Adam Air and Riau Air (next).
    • Prepaid top up simPATI, Mentari, IM3 Smart, XL bebas, Flexi Trendy, Fren, Esia and StarONE prepaid.
  • SMS Alert
    • Debit/credit above certain amount
    • Due date time deposit
    • Account balance below certain amount
    • Bounced check/BG
  • Change PIN

How to get SMS Banking Mandiri :

  • Register your cellphone number at ATM Mandiri/Bank Mandiri’s branch
  • If you register at ATM Mandiri, please go to Menu Pendaftaran eBanking, select SMS Banking and press Pendaftaran SMS Banking Mandiri then follow the next step.
  • While it done, your SMS Banking Mandiri was ACTIVE.
  • Customer who registered at ATM, please feel free to go to your own Bank Mandiri’s branch to activate your financial features such as transfer, payment and purchase.

How to do SMS Banking transaction :

Type SMS 3355
STK Menu M-B_Mandiri at satelindo@ccess Indosat
STK Menu M-B_Mandiri at Life in hand/Layanan data XL
STK T-SEL Menu at naviGator Telkomsel
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