Cost for Pilgrimage to Mecca

Bank Mandiri is one of the banks that has been entrusted by the government to receive Payments for Pilgrimage Cost (BPS BPIH).

As a BPS BPIH, Bank Mandiri not only receives deposits for BPIH but it also has a long history of cooperation with Ministry of Religious Affairs and Hajj Pilgrimage Guidance Group (KBIH) for socializing payments of BPIH to the general public as well as organizing pre-departure ceremonies for those who will take part in the hajj pilgrimage.

In addition, in order to assist prospective hajj plan for their pilgrimage to Mecca, Bank Mandiri has created Tabungan Haji Mandiri (Mandiri Hajj Savings) which can collect BPIH payments with saving system.

Tabungan Haji Mandiri savings account can be opened in Bank Mandiri branches with a minimum opening deposit as set by Ministry of Religious Affairs. After this first payment, then at the time of registration, the customer will get an allocation for pilgrimage to Mecca at the time of his/her choice.

In addition, the saver will automatically receive insurance protection and direct prize.

Customers will also have the opportunity to be included in a free draw for an umrah (lesser pilgrimage). As a proof that the customer is an account holder, he/she will be given a Buku Tabungan Haji Mandiri (Mandiri Hajj Passbook).

With this book, the customer can make deposits and withdrawals at all Bank Mandiri Branches.

Presently Bank Mandiri has 909 branch offices throughout the Indonesian archipelago which have been connected online with the Integrated Hajj Computer System (Sistem Komputer Haji Terpadu -Siskohat) at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.