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  • PT. AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AMFS) is a life insurance joint venture company, established as subsidiary of PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk. and AXA.
  • Mandiri Investasi Sejahtera (MIS), Mandiri Dana Sejahtera (MDS), Mandiri Siswa Sejahtera (MSS), Mandiri Jiwa Sejahtera (MJS) are types of linkage products which delivered through Bank Mandiri distribution channels.
  • Those products are not banking products and they are not guaranteed by Bank Mandiri.
  • Investment value of the product is a value based on unit price of the following day. Unit price is fluctuating. The prices will depend on its investment profile.
  • The past performance of investment fund will not indicate the future performance.
  • The return of Investment is not guaranteed. All risk raised from the investment return is the policy holder’s responsibility.
  • Therefore, potential policy holder is obligated to read and understand all the guidelines which are determined in brochure and proposal before investing.
  • Brochure only describes general information. It is not a contract formed nor guarantee of investment performance.
  • The proper term and condition concerning these products will be explained in detail within the policy contract.

Ensures the best education for your children…

Giving your children or grandchildren an education that will set them up for life is one of the greatest gifts a parent or grandparent can make. Mandiri Siswa Sejahtera lets you save regularly to build up the level of school fees you need. It also includes valuable life protection for your child and ensures your payments will be made even if something unexpected should happen to you.

Inbuilt Protection Benefit

  • The full Account Value would be paid for death prior to age 6. After age 6, the higher of Sum Assured and Account Value would be paid.
  • On death or total/permanent disability of the policyholder, all future premiums will be paid by us until the Insured reaches age of 21.

Minimum Premium : Rp 2,500,000/USD 300 per annum

Minimum Regular Top Up : Rp 1,000,000 / USD 200 per annum

Minimum Single Top Up : Rp 1,000,000 / USD 200 per transaction

Withdrawal at Anytime

You can access your money easily at anytime with no additional charge.

Minimum Balance : Rp 2,000,000 or USD 400 per fund

Quick Investment Allocation

Your funds are invested starting on the first year as per allocation proportion in the table below. 100% of your savings is invested from the third year.


Premium Allocation for Policy Charge

Investment Allocation







3 onward



Free Look Period

14 days time after the policy issued to study and understand the Policy Provisions. If you decide to cancel your policy during the period, your fund will be refunded in form of Investment Value which is your total unit times bid price on a day after your request is approved (documents are completed), less medical check up cost if any and the refund of other insurance related costs.

Tax Free

Your investment gains will be free of all investment tax after just 3 years.

Three Investment Fund Options

  • Secure Money Rupiah
  • Progressive Money Rupiah
  • Dynamic Money Rupiah
  • Secure Money US Dollar

See further information on Professionally Managed Funds  


Insured : Child age 15 days - 15 years old

Policyholder : Parents or grandparents age 18 - 55 years old

See further information on Charges



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