Fund Transfer

  1. Rupiah Transfers

    Service for remittance in rupiah currency performed at the request and for the interest of customers.

    • Benefits
      • Convenience in remittance/payment transactions in rupiah currency with competitive cost.
      • Fast and safe
    • General Terms and Conditions
      • Available at all Bank Mandiri branches.
      • Available to both customers and non customers.
      • Transfers are made based on a standing instruction.
      • Transferee is a Bank Mandiri account holder, other Bank’s account holder or alternatively can be collected in cash.
      • Funds to be transferred can be in Cash/Non Cash.
    • Type of Transfer
      • Clearing, is a national-scale inter-bank service where the time of receipt of funds depends on Bank Indonesia’s clearing provisions.
      • RTGS, is a national-scale inter-bank transfer service where the funds will be effectively received at the destination bank within minutes, as long as the transaction is made before the time limit.
  2. Foreign Currency Transfers

    An inter-bank money remittance in foreign currencies from one country to a bank in another country at the request of and in the interest of the customers.

    • Benefits
      • Provides convenience in remittance/payment transactions in foreign currencies with competitive cost.
      • Remittance/payment transactions will be faster and safer.
    • General Terms and Conditions
      • Available at al Bank Mandiri branches.
      • Available for customers as well as non customers.
      • Transfers can be made based on Standing Instructions.
      • The transferee must be an account holder of a bank in Indonesia or overseas, if a transfer is not intended for the benefit of an account holder, then it is recommended that a Bank Draft be used instead.
      • The source of fund to be transferred can be in cash, non cash and other deposits such as TC, Bank Draft and clearing draft.