Mandiri KPR

Mandiri KPR is a housing loan program from Bank Mandiri that provides you with the opportunity to purchase your own house, apartment, shophouse or combined house and office, whether purchased through a developer or by private sale.

New release " starts on July 1st 2013, Mandiri KPR Existing Rate becomes 13.25% p.a. eff (floating)"

Mandiri KPR Options

Mandiri KPR comes in a variety of options to suit your every need :

  • Mandiri KPR Duo is a Mandiri KPR facility that allows you to purchase a house, apartment or shophouse from a developer, together with a car, motorcycle, furniture or home appliances.
  • Mandiri KPR Take Over is Mandiri KPR facility that allows you to transfer a loan facility of the same or similar type from another bank to Bank Mandiri, and to access additional funds in line with your needs.
  • Mandiri KPR Flexible Is a Mandiri KPR facility that allows you to purchase a house, shophouse, combined house and office or apartment based on flexible repayments from a flexible (revolving) account on an agreed portion of the overall loan for a certain period.
  • Mandiri KPR Angsuran Berjenjang Is a Mandiri KPR facility that is designed exclusively to allow people to purchase homes and which provides flexibility by allowing people to defer repayment a certain portion of the principal up to the third year, with the repayments returning to normal in the fourth year.

Advantages of Mandiri KPR

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fast and easy processing
  • Easy down-payment terms
  • Flexible loan terms of up to 15 years
  • Bank Mandiri works hand in hand with more than 350 project developers throughout Indonesia, many of which offer attractive home purchase schemes

Requirements for Application for Mandiri KPR

  • Indonesian citizen living in Indonesia
  • Minimum age of 21 and maximum of 55 at the end of the loan term in the case of employees and 60 in the case of professional/self-employed persons
  • Permanent employment and regular income as permanent employee or professional/self-employed person, with a minimum period of 1 year’s employment in the case of employees, and 2 years in business in the case of professional/self-employed persons
  • Required Documents :
    No Documents Employee Professional Private
    1. Original, fully completed application formed
    2. Copy of ID Card of applicant and applicant’s spouse
    3. Copy of marriage/divorce certificate (if married /divorced)
    4. Copy of Family Registration Card
    5. Copies of checking/deposit account statements for last 3 months
    6. Copy of NPWP (Taxpayer Registration Number)
    7. Most recent pay slip / Declaration of Earnings and letter confirming position/job
    8. Copy of most recent balance sheet and statement of earnings
    9. Copy of company deed of establishment and business licenses
    10. Copy of professional practice certificate
    11. Copy of documents proving ownership of collateral: SHM/SHGB, IMB & PBB


Commission, administrative fee, insurance premiums (life and loss), appraisal fee, notarial fees, certificate transfer fee and pledge of collateral agreement fee

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