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Indonesia is considered as a blessed country with rich natural resources as well as abundance of human resources that offer great opportunity for investor to pursue businesses. But these potential sources would be meaningless unless it`s accompanied by strong efforts and commitment to achieve goal of becoming the leading economic in Asia. Participation of entrepreneurs in economic development would also be significant. The prospect in doing business in Indonesia might not be as certain as before the economic crisis hit the country in 1997. So, in order to support our customers dealing with the uncertainties, Bank Mandiri has offered business solution that is aimed to overcome difficulties and uncertainties that they face in ahead. These include :

  • To minimize commercial risk
  • To protect customers from uncertainties
  • To repair the company`s financial structure

We are assured that you need the kind of business partners who are willing to understand the need of your company mainly in restructuring financial condition and at the same time also willing to provide you protection under a high market volatility and uncertainty. Bank Mandiri` Structured Finance Division - your ultimate business partner - would always be there when you and your company need helps. The division will provide you variety of solutions in financial engineering, professional analysis, and other business efforts as to improve your international trade businesses through our banking facilities such as it follows :

Export Financing Facilities :

  • Pre-export Financing
  • Post export Financing

Import Guarantee Facilities :

  • BI blanket guarantee
  • GSM 102 & 103 U.S.S. guarantee
  • German KWF guarantee
  • IDB-ITFO (Import Trade Financing Operation) guarantee
  • KMK guarantee & L/C import as part of export program by ASKRINDO
  • Japanese JEXIM guarantee
  • Canadian CWB guarantee

Import Financing Facilities:

  • Trust receipt
  • Post (refinancing) usance L/C
  • Usance payable at sight
  • Buyer`s credit

Besides the above financing facilities that directly link to the international trade system, we also offer the so-called Project Financing program. It is a financial facility that combines loan structure and effective solution in financial engineering. The compensation settlement for this project would be incurred from the project cash flow. While the collateral for this loan would be calculated from the value of its project assets.

Customers could apply for the Project Financing facility through one of our credit instruments or combination of the credit instruments available in Bank Mandiri such as working capital loan, investment credit, bonds, floating rate notes, medium-term notes, convertible bonds, and others.

Project Financing would be ideal to finance relatively big project scale that could be achieved through contractual arrangement such as Build Operate and Transfer (BOT), Build Own and Operate (BOO), Build Lease and Transfer (BLT) that require longer term to be completed.

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