Micro Business Loan (KUM)

We provide Micro Business Loans for those who need Investment Credits (IC) and/or Working Capital Credit (WCC) to develop micro-scale productive or consumptive business.

This financing facility can be provided to all owners of micro businesses and home businesses in the forms of companies, business groups, and individuals (such as traders, farmers, breeders, and fishermen).

Micro Business Loan (KUM) consists of 2 kinds of loan products:

  1. Micro Business Loan (KUM)
  2. Micro Business Loan is especially provided to Micro Businesses with maximum credit limit of Rp. 100 Million. Particularly for top up facility, the limit is allowed up to Rp 200 Million.

  3. Micro Multipurpose Loan (KSM)
  4. For financing various kinds of needs (multipurpose), as long as it does not violate morality, public order and does not contradict the law with a maximum credit limit of Rp.50 Million.

Requirements for Prospective Debtors

  1. Micro Business Credit (MBC)
    • The business should be operating for a minimum of 2 years in the location with the same field.
    • Minimum age of 21 years or already married. Maximum age of 60 years by the time the credit is settled.
    • Attach identifications such as National ID (KTP), Family Card (KK) and Marriage Contract (for those married).
    • For credits above Rp 50 Million should attach NPWP (Tax-payer Identification Number).
    • Certificate of Business from Village/Sub-district, Office of Market Management or Local Authority where the incumbent operates the business; or
    • Business Permit.
    • Never receive a credit facility or have received credit facility with “smooth” collectibility or not in a non-performing credit condition.
  2. Micro Multi-purpose Credit (MMC)
    • Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia and domiciled in Indonesia.
    • Have been appointed as a permanent employee for at least 1 (one) year and having a fixed income. Particularly for employees with permanent status (not including probation period) and payroll in the Bank then the year of service will not be considered.
    • Minimum age of 21 years or already married and by the time the credit is settled should be at retirement age or maximum 55 year old (except for employees of the government/State-owned Enterprises/ Regional Government-owned Corporations (BUMD)/ State-owned Legal Entity (BHMN)/ the age requirement shall be determined according to prevailing stipulations).
    • Monthly income exceeding the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) prevailing in the region.
    • Submit identifications such as a copy of National ID Card (KTP) of the prospective debtor and his/her spouse, Family Card (KK) and Marriage Contract/Divorce Certificate (for those married/divorced).

Credit Features :

  • The nature of Credit is aflopend plafond (fixed installment)
  • Maximum credit period is 36 months
  • Collateral is in the form of financed objects and fixed assets

Benefit :

  • Quick and Easy process
  • Easy credit requirements
Mandiri Micro Loan