Loan for Food Sustainability Program and Energy(KKP-E)

Is an investment loan and/or working capital loan provided to farmers, breeders, fishermen and fish cultivators, groups (farmers, breeders, fishermen and fish cultivators) in order finance the intensification of rice, corn, soy, cassava and sweet potato, peanut and/or sorghum, development of cultivation of sugar plants, cattle breeders, local chicken and duck, fishery business and fish cultivation, and to cooperatives in procuring foodstuffs such as rice husks, corn and soy.

Requirements :

  • Applicants’ legal documents
  • Fill up the loan application form

Targets of KKP-E Receivers :

  • Farmers/breeders/gardeners/fishermen/fish cultivator belonging to farmer groups/joint business groups/fish cultivator groups
  • Farmers/breeders/gardeners/fishermen/fish cultivator as members of cooperatives
  • Primary Cooperatives in procuring foods

Loan Features :

  • Credit ceiling of not more than Rp. 25 million
  • The working capital loan period is according to the business cycle and is not extendable and the investment loan period is according to business cycle and not more than 5 years
  • Interest rate is lower than general loan because it is subsidized by the government
Loan for Food Endurance Program (KKP)