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Cash management

When business environment became more complex and dynamic, new opportunities and challenges are prepared for entrepreneurs like you. The right solutions are needed to control and manage your business cash flow effectively. You will have an ability to manage your business cash flow, with effective cash management.The effective cash management will :

  • Make your cash inflows come faster, furthermore it can be used for your business decision-making i.e. investment, daily operation, or the repayment of your liabilities
  • Control your cash outflows, in such a way that all business expenses become more manageable
  • Support you to access information about your use of funds timely and accurately for many management purposes, especially if you invest your funds in many businesses.

Bank Mandiri offers you CMS-Mandiri (Cash Management System Mandiri) as an effective solution to handle your cash management. Easily accessed information of your funds, will get you in the CMS- Mandiri. Many electronics transactions can be settled by CMS-Mandiri easily, direct from your site supported by electronic banking system network of Bank Mandiri.CMS-Mandiri can help you in case of :

  • Electronic overbooking and fund transfer to your relations accounts (including payroll, cash pooling, utility payment / service payment, supplier payment, etc)
  • Monitoring and controling your company`s account activity and ending balance
  • Getting various informative reporting (like statement and reconcile statement).

If needed, we are open to cooperate in building Cash Management System customized as your business need. We set easy CMS-Mandiri in useful solution for your business, as below:

Cash Collection

Received payment can be credited to your account at every branches of Bank Mandiri. Every end of day for example, all funds will be consolidated to your major account electronically.

Cash Disbursement

  • Electronic Payment Instruction Funds Transferred either to your relations or Overbooking can be settled from your own office.
  • Pooling Account Managing account between Subsidiary Accounts in the same Group Company connected with one Master Account of holding company. You can settle overbooking electronically by yourself.
  • Payroll and Payment Service Your employees` salary and other periodic liabilities as electricity and telephone bills can be settled from your own office automatically.

Business Deposit Accounts

  • Money Market Sweep Fund Transfer to Money Market Account (MM account, DOC, etc.) at a definite maximum ending balance in Major Account as demanded. At due date of your MM account, automatically funds will be back to Major Account.
  • Overdraft Facility (planned)Automatic overdraft for shortage funds (cash deficiency) in Major Account to support daily company operation.

Control System

  • Real time Information You can request balance inquiry and access real time transaction.
  • Reconciliation & ReportingEither data transaction or balance of all accounts, individually or consolidation can be accessed electronically. You can reconcile them quickly and easily. We are willing to reconcile the data transactions posted in your book comprehensively.

Bank Mandiri Cash Management Division always willing and delighted to support your business with CMS-Mandiri solution.

For further information call: 524 5807 - 08 Plaza Mandiri Kav. 36-38, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Jakarta 12190

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