TabunganKu is an individual savings for Indonesian Citizen with easy and simple terms and conditions organized jointly by banks in Indonesia in order to support the savings habits and improve the society welfare. As the biggest and the most reliable bank, Bank Mandiri encourages you to have savings with TabunganKu by Bank Mandiri.


Only with Rp 20,000.00 of the initial deposit and the subsequent minimum deposit of Rp 10,000.00 you can open TabunganKu account.


You will get an attractive interest rate calculated based on your daily savings balance, more profitable than keeping your cash at home. Your money will continue growing without monthly administration charges and the minimum balance accounts only Rp 20,000.00


As the customer of TabunganKu by Bank Mandiri you will get a saving book or statement account as an evidence of ownership. TabunganKu card will be provided to you as a facility if you maintain at least Rp. 500,000.00 of the initial deposit or the minimum account balance. TabunganKu card will provide you convenience in transactions using ATM for cash withdrawals transactions and account balance information at thousands of ATMs using Mandiri ATM, Link and ATM Bersama logos, and you can deposit your cash to your savings account and inquire of your balance information using Mandiri ATM Cash Deposit Machine.

    Terms and conditions of TabunganKu account *:
  1. Fill out the application form and show your valid identity card (KTP).
  2. Deposit can be made through the Account Opening Branch Office of Bank Mandiri, Mandiri Mobile or Mandiri ATM Cash Deposit Machine.
  3. The withdrawal transaction which is made at the Account Opening Branch Office will be made under the following conditions:
    • You must present your TabunganKu Card
    • Minimum Rp 100,000.00 per transaction
    • Maximum once in a month, withdrawals more than once in a month subject to penalty of Rp 5,000.00
    • Withdrawal of less than Rp. 10 million will be subject to charge Rp 10,000.00
  4. 1 (one) person may only hold 1 (one) account, except for parents opening accounts for his/her minor children under guardianship.
  5. It is prohibited to have a joint account under status "and/or".
  6. Dormant account (passive) with no transactions at the latest 6 months consecutively will be subject to a monthly penalty of Rp 2,000.00/month
  7. Dormant (passive) Account with balance of = Rp 20,000.00 will be automatically closed by the system.
  8. ATM transaction Services.
    Type of Transaction
    Daily Limit
    Nominal Frequency
    Cash Withdrawal
    Rp 1.000.000,-
    Balance Information
  9. TabunganKu Card will be valid for 10 (ten) years as of the issuance date, as printed on the front side of the card (Valid Through: month / year). Replacement cards for expiration is free of charge at the account opening Branch Office.
  10. * Terms and conditions will be subject to change at any time and will be informed through the media specified by Bank Mandiri